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So a little about me….


I’m Billie.  In 2002, I started an adult website, Yanks.com, featuring amateur (i.e. not pornstar) models, sharing their favorite masturbation methods.  The one rule has always been that a Yanks Girl must have a real orgasm.  After that, how they do it is up to them.


Since day 1, I’ve been straddling 2 worlds: the adult people think Yanks is “too vanilla”.  We have always been unique in our female-centric approach and quite honestly, it’s built us a loyal customer base, but it just isn’t hardcore enough for some of those in the adult industry.


The mainstream folks say Yanks is too “porny”.  We’ve contacted other sites to share models and promotional content, but they claim their depiction of the female orgasm is art, while ours is simply smut.


Sometimes, you just can’t win.


So I decided to start this gem of a site.  GenSexPositive is a place where I can showcase the data, experiences and some of the content of our adult site, as an example of healthy and positive sexuality in a fun and safe-for-work environment.


I believe that we are all artful and beautiful and sexual and more and I’m excited to have a platform to share my stories, our beautiful content and more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]